Fat Loss



The Fat Loss plan is specifically designed for people who want to shed fat, decreasing body fat percentage.

Lowered body fat not only looks good but because of the changes that occur in the body when fat mass is reduced, it also means lowered inflammation levels and better metabolic health. Many ‘Western’ or lifestyle diseases including coronary heart disease, obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, autoimmune diseases and osteoporosis are connected with inflammation and changes in metabolic function. Lowering body fat and inflammation levels will significantly reduce your chances of developing many of these common diseases.

Lower body fat means a better power to weight ratio improving your performance on
the field or in the gym

Eating a Paleo diet means increased food quality. Studies show that a high quality Paleo plan provides a more nutrient dense diet to support your general health and recovery even as you consume less. Forget low calorie, starvation diets that leave you irritable and exhausted; our Fat Loss eating plan focuses on satisfying lean proteins and fibrous vegetables banishing the hunger pangs associated with standard ‘fat loss’ plans.

Enjoying a nutrient dense diet made from high quality organic ingredients will improve your overall health and metabolic functions.

Following the Fat Loss plan will give you more energy and power to enjoy exercising. There is nothing more motivating than seeing results. Not only will you see your body shape change, but you will experience better sleep, better concentration levels and improved moods.


Eat better, Train harder, Live Longer.