Performance Menu

Week commencing 23rd October

Lunch, afternoon snack & Evening meal


Day 1

Roasted sweet potato, sun-dried tomato, marinated avocado & bacon salad with chicken and aioli


Pear & romaine juice with matcha 


Teriyaki salmon fillet with napa cabbage, water chestnut & red pepper stir fry with egg, bacon & mushroom cauliflower “fried” rice




Day 2

Niçoise salad with sea trout, soft boiled egg & olives with wasabi mayonnaise


Nutty power bar 


 Kale & olive stuffed chicken breast with broccoli, roasted red onion & almond with spicy buffalo sweet potato wedges




Day 3

Waldorf salad with apple, candied walnuts, cajun pork tenderloin and mustard dressing


Buffalo chicken thigh with guacamole


Mediterranean meatballs with passata, courgetti with pesto and rustic herb & garlic sweet potato 




Day 4

Bouillabaisse (traditional Provençal fish stew) 

Nutty power bar 


Charred chicken breast with mushroom & leek sauce, ratatouille and roasted celeriac with caramelised red onion





Day 5

Curried sweet potato soup with chicken  


Cashew & banana soft centre nutty truffles 


Moroccan lamb with creamed spinach and roasted cauliflower with cumin, coriander & almonds 



Order before 12noon on Fridays

Prices from £130


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**Menu is subject to last minute changes please inform us if you have any allergies or intolerances. All our food is naturally free from gluten, dairy, wheat, lactose, soy & refined sugar.

Our food contains nuts, eggs, celery, mustard seed, sesame and may contain traces of shellfish. If you suffer anaphylaxis or severe allergy to any food product, contact us in advance.

We can accommodate dietary requests so please email Email with enquiries relating to the menu.

Call us on 02921 320290 Mobile: 07869 106256