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As the name suggests the performance plan is for those looking for improvements in athletic performance.

You may be happy with your weight and body composition but wish to improve training quality and recovery times through diet. You will see the benefits of slightly less fat and a bit more muscle as a welcomed consequence of eating Paleo.


A highly nutrient dense diet, rich in high quality proteins, essential fats, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals improves general health and optimises the speed and extent of recovery from training. A speedier recovery means that those on the Performance plan will enjoy high quality and consistent training throughout the year.


The Performance plan is designed to;
– promote enhanced athleticism
– support general health
– optimise recovery
– promote healthy body composition (less fat, more muscle tone)


Apart from the health benefits, the Performance plan takes away the shopping, the preparation and the hassle of eating clean leaving you more time to train harder and compete better.

Not convinced? Try the dinner only performance option and get a taste for Paleo.

Eat well, Train harder, Live better.