Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no such thing as a stupid question!

Which plan is right for me?

If you are unsure please contact us but as a guide:

– If you have more than 7lbs to lose and your exercise regime is little to moderate – start with the Fat Loss plan.
– Less than 7lbs to lose and your main focus is improving body composition (i.e. achieving a more toned look) then start with Performance.
– If you’re intense about your training and you’re working hard to build a leaner and larger physique then the Warrior will support these gains.

What’s the difference between the Fat Loss and the Performance plan?

For optimum weight loss the starch content of the Fat Loss plan is minimal, the focus is on protein and nutrient dense, green vegetables. To support the demands of training, the Performance plan includes a starch pack to sustain energy levels. The Warrior includes an additional snack, a fruit pack and more protein per gram to aid you in your goals.

How do I order?

Numbers are finalised on Friday so order before lunchtime Friday to secure your plan for the following week. If you have particular allergies or special dietary requirement the more notice you give us, the better. Remember to mention any allergies or intolerances when you fill in the online order form.

Order online or if you prefer to order over the phone call Mari on 07869 106256 to make a card payment.

What about delivery?

Enter your postcode into the postcode checker on the homepage – this will tell you when we deliver to your area. We offer express delivery to CF postcode, London and surrounding areas on Sunday evenings or Mondays. Nationwide deliveries arrive on Tuesday.

You can get your meals delivered to your home, office, hotel; anywhere that suits you as long as there is someone to sign for your delivery.

For nationwide courier deliveries our food is carefully packed and transported using a unique temperature controlled system designed and validated to keep your food chilled below +5°C for up to 30 hours. The contents of your parcel should be refrigerated as soon as possible. Your food will stay chilled until approximately 8pm on the evening of delivery, but ideally you should pop the parcel or its contents into a fridge as soon as possible. Once the sealed box is opened content should be refrigerated immediately.

Express delivery is from our door to yours in the PaleoChef van. We deliver the cooler bag directly to you, therefore we can’t hang around. Once out of the refrigeration system in the van, the bag needs to go straight into the fridge. We will arrange a delivery slot with you but where delivery is attempted unsuccessfully, re delivery will be at the client’s expense. If we have to use additional packaging in the absence of someone to sign for the parcel, this will need to be returned to us at your expense.

How do I heat the meals?

First gather some wood for a fire whilst dressed in animal hides and wielding a club ……..just kidding. We have dragged the caveman diet into the 21st century. All our lunches and snacks (labelled with the pink S) are ready to eat on the go. Your evening meals need to be heated – boil a big pan of water, unfold the instructions that come with your nifty cooler bag, drop each vacuum pouch into the boiling water for the time stated on the instructions. Some dishes may require oven heating for the best results for example our fish cakes or meatloaf. Always cut the meat to the middle to ensure it is cooked before consuming.

In case of emergency you can microwave, times vary depending on the microwave but we advise 6 minutes for chicken, 3-4 for everything else. Best to heat in 2 minute intervals, watching the food. Cut the food to test the middle is cooked through before consuming.

Watch the video for guidance.

How long do the meals last? Can I freeze them?

Our meals part cooked to seal the flavour, blast chilled and vacuum sealed. Vacuum packing is the best way to preserve the nutritional integrity and freshness of our food. Kept refrigerated your meals will last 7 days from date of delivery. You can freeze the meals, particularly the protein, taking care to defrost properly before consuming.

Where does your produce come from?

With a little help from our friends at Farm & Fork, we hunt and gather the best quality produce so you don’t have to. We use dry aged, grass fed beef from cattle which are free to roam the Welsh hillsides enjoying a grass and forage based diet. We use grass fed Welsh lamb, free range and out door reared chicken and pork all produced to the highest welfare standards.

It is very important to us to support small, local farmers who take care and pride in what they do.

We use locally sourced, seasonal vegetables and strive to use organic where commercially viable.

What makes PaleoChef different?

We cook everything from scratch at our kitchen. We don’t outsource the cooking to a catering company and we don’t buy in anything ready made. Each sweet potato is carefully diced by us and every meal is a labour of love for our Head Chef Pete. This is not home cooking, we pride ourselves on providing you with the chef prepared meals, expertly prepared for you to enjoy at home. We have an expert team who stick to what they know.

We don’t rely on one pot dishes using the cheapest cuts. Our meals are varied and interesting using premium cuts of meat.

How do I find out what’s on the menu? If I don’t like something what can I do?

Our menu changes weekly, we publish the menu in the weekly Thursday newsletter (sing up on the homepage). If you don’t like something, let us know on Thursday and we can repeat one of your preferred choices.

Is your food suitable for me?

Our food is naturally free from gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose, soy, refined sugar and grains; we are suitable for coeliacs. We have a great track record with our diabetics clients and if you need the carb content of your meals to adjust your medication, please email us. Our food is prepared in an environment where nuts are present, although we can prepare nut-free meals, if you suffer from a nut allergy, please contact us before ordering.

What should I eat for breakfast?

We recommend an egg based start to the day. Keep it natural and keep it paleo. If you are short on time in the mornings, why not try our perfectly natural granoleo.

How many calories in your meals?

We do not count calories and neither should you! We provide great quality, natural food in carefully monitored portions. We aim to take the worry and confusion out of eating and dieting; trust us enough to stick to the plan and you will see results! Our plans have between 130g – 150g of protein a day the Fat Loss being at the lower end of the scale and the Warrior at the higher end.

Calories for the Fat Loss Plan

Lunch: 300 – 350 cals
Snacks: 150 – 300
Again these vary depending on the snack – for example the frittata and other high protein snacks (grilled chicken dipper with salsa, marinated chicken thighs, vegetable frittata – are higher in protein and are naturally less calorific than the nut snacks.
Dinner – 300 – 450 (max)
Dinner purposely low in calories for the fat loss (unlike the performance plan the fat loss is made up of two packs – vegetable and protein (performance get a third component of starch which brings up their calorie intake significantly extra 200 cals) so for example a dinner of a small chargrilled chicken breast with courgette spaghetti will be as little as 300-325 cals. Again salmon with stir fry will be about the same.

Will I be hungry?

No, you might think you are hungry, but our plans are carefully designed to provide you with more than enough food to function. If you feel hungry, drink plenty of water. Even on the Fat Loss plan you will have enough energy to do some gentle – moderate exercise. If you have a big appetite, you may feel hungry during the first 3 days but this will quickly subside and you’ll have more energy than you did previously. It can take up to 10 days to “detox” the body from sugar – so stick at it and you’ll feel better once you get to the other side! If you have a tendency to overeat or make bad food choices, much of your battle will be psychological rather and physical. We are always here to support you, don’t hesitate to call us if you have a momentary lapse of will power at the biscuit tin.

Our food is delicious so you should not feel deprived.

Do you know what you’re doing?

Yes. Pete the Head Chef has over 18 years experience, working in some of London’s top restaurants as well as 5 years at a weight loss bootcamp refining the art of cooking health food. We have a Food Hygiene Rating of 5.

What happens if I have a complaint?

We take this personally, business owners Mari and Pete are totally committed to providing you with an excellent service and a quality product. If anything fails to meet your expectation (delivery, quality of the product, taste, packaging, instruction – anything) please let us know by phone or email as soon as possible. We will do everything in our power to rectify any mistakes and improve our service. We take your feedback seriously (good or bad) so please don’t hesitate to call us and let us know what you think.