BUY Warrior

Are you training hard at the gym looking to build lean muscle and shape a larger, leaner athletic physique? Are you struggling to consume enough nutrient dense food, falling into the trap of relying on sugary shakes and artificial protein bars to keep up your calorie intake?

Fear not, the Warrior is for you.

Most standard ‘bulking’ diets rely on convenience. Relying on junk and shakes makes eating easier but unfortunately standard bulking supplements, powders, bars and shakes are often full of sugar and additives.

Our Warrior plan offers a solution………Our most protein heavy plan is designed to provide high quality nutrition and lots of it, to help support gains in lean mass in the most convenient way. Only the best organic, locally sourced lean protein: No sugar, no additives, no hassle.

We are working to change the perception that food = fuel; PaleoChef allows you to enjoy delicious and creative dishes and embrace flavour and variety. You don’t need to be a slave to chicken and broccoli to feel and look great!

How does it work?

Gaining lean mass and losing fat mass is easier when health levels and conditioning are high. Muscle gain takes calories and the Warrior plan is uniquely designed to provide a high intake of nutrient dense food and protein to help support gains in lean mass. PaleoChef’s nutrient rich choices help improve training and recovery, the two big triggers of lean mass gain and fat loss. Whilst muscle gain is the primary goal for Warriors, fat loss may be seen as a welcome side-effect.

Excess fat gain is one of the issues associated with standard weight gain diets because of the poor food choices. This is not an issue on the Warrior plan. Whilst bars and shakes and even junk food are relied upon because they make getting enough food more convenient, the Warrior plan removes this problem providing high quality nutrition that feeds lean mass without the sugars, poor fats and junk calories. Get the most out of your gym sessions and train more efficiently as you won’t be wasting energy exercising to keep the fat at bay.
The Warrior offers a full plan to cover your nutritional needs from mid morning to dinner time. Forget the hassle of preparing lunch the night before, simply enjoy your mid morning snack post training and tuck into a delicious high protein lunch (no heating required). The Warrior includes one snack, a fruit pack and three vacuum pouches for dinner (protein, veg and a starch pack).

Remember, all our meal components come in separate vacuum pouches to provide you with complete flexibility so that you can eat what your body needs, when it needs it.


Eat like a Warrior, Train like a Beast